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Afterthoughts – Adorable Choux a la Creme at 126 Grammes

On this beautiful, sunny Sunday, we decided to check out a deliciously-adorable tiny French patisserie called 126 Grammes, operated by Sandra Cohen-Taieb and Yossi Cohen.    Maybe it’s because of the recent influx of Frenchies to Hong Kong due to the threat of 75% national taxation for high income earners, but we’ve noticed several new French bistros and little bakeries popping up lately.  

126 Grammes opened it’s doors only a few days ago, and this tiny patisserie surrounds the theme of choux a la creme (cream puffs).  These golden puffs are filled with a variety of flavoured creams ranging from the more predictable chocolate to the more unique chestnut.  These adorable choux a la creme also adorn cakes like scrumptious jewels.  

These little puffs were a joy to look at and probably even a greater joy to eat (although I just came from brunch so wasn’t in the mood to eat more), but I’ll be back!

All the pastry are made fresh in their in-store kitchen.

The gateau des rois is a gorgeous cake made from light, delicate filo layers woven around an sweet almond paste called frangipane.  The tradition is to hide a little ceramic figurine inside the cake, and whoever gets the slice with the little ceramic, they are named king for the day (they may also end up having a chipped tooth)!

I am very keen to follow and see how this little patisserie do, as it’s refreshing to have a French bakery offering something other than macaroon.  

126 Grammes

42 Aberdeen Street

Tel:  2886 1885

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