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Afterthoughts – Hot Beef Dip Sandwich at Westwood Carvery

Sometimes, you just crave a really good sandwich, I mean, a “proper” sandwich that packs plenty of punch.  

The top contender (in my books) for the ultimate sandwich award in Hong Kong goes to the succulent prime rib sandwich at Westwood Carvery.  This smaller HK cousin of the ginormous American beef dip sandwich, invented in LA during the early 1900s, is the perfect weekday lunch.  

Tender, juicy cuts of prime rib, with just the right amount of fat, pairs perfectly with the crusty French roll, and is made complete with a generous dab of horseradish.  What I’m most excited about is the hot “au jus” that comes on the side.  It’s the perfect bath for dipping, as the crusty bread soaks up all that lovely beefy broth to deliver bite after bite of sandwich heaven.  Served alongside garlic fries, and a healthy apple for dessert, this really is the kind of sandwich you wished your mom could have made for you back in school.

The sandwich combo comes with an option of soup or salad, as well as tea or coffee.  I usually pick the beef barley soup, which is hearty without being overbearing.

The salad option, healthier, yet so predictable.

The money shot – prime rib sandwich with fries.  It’s not a huge portion, but just the right amount to make you feel happily satiated.

Verdict:  Perfect lunch spot for the Central district, but make sure to pre-book as this tiny restaurant (around 20 seats) is jam-packed during lunch hours.  I haven’t tried anything else here but the prime rib sandwich, and it seems to be what most people come here for.  The atmosphere is very casual and doesn’t come off as a dinner place, although I am looking forward to trying their beef shortrib for supper soon.  The table beside ours ordered one, and it was so HUGE it looked like something from a giant archaic animal!  A rottweiler would have been full after eating one of those.  

The service is friendly and speedy, again, making this a great lunch option.

Westwood Carvery

G/F, 2 Wo On Lane

Tel:  2869 8111

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