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Afterthoughts – I Scream for Ice Cream at Lab Made Ice Cream Laboratory

Last night, a few friends and I decided to explore the quiet boutiquey Tai Hang area, just minutes away from Causeway Bay, but with none of the chaos.  After a sumptuous hotpot dinner at Chao’s (more on that later!) we tried to work off some of our meal by strolling a couple of blocks to Lab Made Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory (oh, the irony!)

The first thing that caught my attention at this tiny ice cream shop is the plumes of mist bellowing from the KitchenAide mixers, and the second was their tempting menu.  There were four flavours on offer last night:  a Valentine’s Day special of Black Forest ice cream, a local “Tong But Lut” (milk ice cream with peanuts and sesame crunch), a coconut egg roll and a black sesame option.

We went with the two more “unusual” selections – “Tong But Lut” and coconut egg roll.  I loved watching the “scientists” perform their alchemy – mixing whipped flavoured cream with liquid nitrogen, and creating bellows of icy mist like those found in the cauldron of a witch’s brew.  It made the whole shop feel like Dexter’s Laboratory.

Putting the last touches on the coconut egg roll ice cream.

First up, the coconut egg roll delight.  This was my favourite flavour of the evening, creamy coconut ice cream made wonderfully light by the liquid nitrogen process.  Paired alongside crunchy, eggy rolls, and you’ve got all the makings of a great dessert.  However, I must admit, that no coconut ice cream has yet topped the one I’ve had at Coconut Glen’s in Maui.

Next up, the exotic sounding “Tong But Lut” selection, with crunchy peanut and sesame.  The intense milky flavour was delicious, and the liquid nitrogen gave the ice cream a delicate, light texture – making the whole experience like eating an ice cream soufflé (if there was ever a thing!).

Verdict:  I Scream For Ice Cream!  I would definitely recommend this place after an evening of trying out the amazing selection of restaurants in Tai Hang.  The light, delicate texture of the ice cream is what surprises me the most, and I like how they only have a limited number of flavours that change frequently.  It keeps everything interesting and fresh!

Lab Made Ice Cream

6 Brown Street

Tai Hang

Tel:  2670 0071

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