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Afterthoughts – New Bar Flavours at PLAY

Last Thursday, Maximal Concepts invited me to try out the new snack menu at Play, masterminded by Chef Satoru Mukogawa of Sushi Kuu, who also opened up one of my favourite kushiyaki places in Central, Kushiyaki Beco.

Eating at a club hardly sounds appetising to me.  In fact, it conjures up images of licking the bottom of an ashtray – making any meal unpalatable.  However, despite all my presumptions, I was pleasantly surprised by the new selection at Play.  Chef Mukugawa walked us through some of his favourites on the menu.

(Below) This spicy chill strawberry martini packed quite a punch!  It was a fun little surprise to sip, although by the 5th sip my mouth was on fire and I had to put the drink down :(

Alongside the feisty little drink is a much easier drinking kind – a refreshing minty concoction with fresh pineapples and whiskey.


Is it a cheese straw?  Hardly.  These yummy finger snacks are salty mentaiko (cod roe) disguised as conventional cheese straws.  This was my favourite snack of the entire night – salty, briny and exulting plenty of umami flavours.  Refined taste camouflaged as a typically unrefined snack.


Crispy chicken nuggets but all dressed up with none of the heavy breading.


Soft-shell crab rice paper rolls, with plenty of crisp vegetables to make this a guilt-free snack.


Curry thick cut fries – yummy although way to carb-loaded for me.


What can I say?  Party people in the house tonight!  Round of lemon grass shots.


Yum!!!!!!!  My second choice of the evening – wagyu beef “burgers”, juicy well-marbled beef sandwiched between 2 tiny, delicate rice patties.


Mini crab balls.


Flip Cup Wars!!!!!!!  Food Bloggers vs. Fashion Bloggers.  Guess who won?


Let the good times roll!

Verdict:  Great little menu – almost made me forget I was in a club ( I don’t go out much anymore, actually, almost never!)  I was impressed Play actually has a full service kitchen.  This is a great place to tuck in to some rather sophisticated bites before the champagne showers.


1/F, On Hing Building, On Hing Terrace (as if you needed me to tell you)

Central, Hong Kong


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