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DIY Taco Night

Part of the reason why I began cooking was because I couldn’t find certain items that I craved in Hong Kong.  Exhibit A – decent tacos.  Sure, there’s been a few new taco joints that’ve opened in recent months, but none of them have been truly inspiring.  Hence, I took matters into my own hands (literally) and decided to host a DIY taco night, where guests build their own tacos from a selection of standard ingredients.  Our dinner ingredients included:

White Sangria (with a touch of Elderflower / rum)



Refried Beans

Shredded Cheese

Diced Tomatos / Lettuce

Mexican Rice

Grilled Chicken Breast

Minced Pork

A selection of hard and soft taco shells

I love these “build your own food” parties, because it’s very social and gives everyone a chance to tailor to their own tastes.  Plus, with a good flow of sangria and champagne, it’s really a guaranteed fun night at home!  

Nachos – always a great social snack.

Minced pork with a dab of fried beans to bind it all together.

Can’t have Mexican without guacamole.

Choice of hard or soft tacos.

My first attempt at making sangria, not bad with an elderflower kick.

Happy girls! 

Bon Appetit!

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