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NEW Restaurant Review – Americana Surfer Cool at Hotshot

Hotshot Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Surfer cool: From the restaurant group Le Comptoir, comes a breezy, design-focused restaurant with plenty of art to rival its sister restaurant Bibo. Hotshot, is all about American surfer cool, and occupies a lofty corner of The Pulse in Repulse Bay, just steps from the beach. Two storey tall windows allow plenty of natural lighting, while colourful surfboards and tongue-in-cheek artworks by Supremem, Invader and Kaws adorn the walls. Fairy lights add a touch of whimsy and the sight of a 1951 vintage Silver Streak clipper trailer parked inside the restaurant brings us back to the glory days of Americana.

Hotshot The Pulse Repulse Bay Hong Kong

Boozy milkshakes: Under the helm of Executive Chef Wes Long, who recently ran the kitchen at Hudson Clearwater in New York, the menu is a mix of new American cuisine and modern European flair. A peruse through the menu left us a little dumbfounded, as, judging from the decor, we expected classic American comfort food rather than fancier variations. Aside from the milkshakes and cheeseburger, everything seemed to be lacquered with a touch of fine dining. We enlivened our taste buds with a round of milkshakes, starting from the Montauk ($100), a blend of chocolate, orange and cognac, before moving on to the Malibu ($100), a pretty concoction of spiced strawberry and rum. We loved the rich chocolatey taste of the montauk, but wished that the Malibu milkshake, although beautifully presented with a fresh strawberry flower motif, could have had a more refreshing edge. The spiced strawberries reminded us of Christmas, instead of a refreshing summer drink.

Hotshot milkshake The Pulse Hong Kong

New American cuisine:  We longed for the house-made ricotta smothered over sourdough, and the summer squash salad, but alas, both options were unavailable during our visit, so we appeased with blistered shishito peppers ($80) as a starter. We love crunching on these little peppers whenever we’re at a Japanese kushiyaki, and Hotshot’s version, dressed in a drizzle of lime and a sprinkling for salt, was not bad, although the peppers could have benefited from a few more seconds on the grill.

Hotshot shishito pepper Hong Kong

There was high anticipation for the superfood combo of kale and faro grain salad ($120), but the dish underwhelmed with its tiny portion and uninspiring flavours. Despite the runny fried egg on top, the fibrous salad lacked contrasting flavours and textures to hold any interest.

Hotshot kale farrow salad Hong Kong

The diver scallops ($210) were perfectly seared and arrived alongside an arugula, marinated fennel, orange, and couscous salad, and a crumbled cashew puree.

Hotshot Repulse Bay Hong Kong diver scallop

The pan roasted duck breast ($250) with wild rice, confit leg, kale and cauliflower puree came drizzled with a blueberry compote, and was more pretty than tasty. The duck breast was overcooked, and the small smattering of duck confit was rather dry.

Hotshot Repulse Bay Hong Kong duck

To bulk up on vegetables, we ordered a side of broccoli with cheddar as well as roasted asparagus with kalamata olives. Both were priced at $60, although the broccoli dish was significantly larger than the thin stalks of asparagus. Breadcrumbs were added to the broccoli for texture, but made the cheese sauce grainy instead of velvety smooth.

Hotshot Repulse Bay Hong Kong The Pulse

We concluded our meal with warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream ($70) and a slice of key lime pie ($70). We loved the sugary crunch of the candied walnuts, but wished the brownie was actually served warm with gooey chocolate accents rather than as a cold, densely packed slab. The key lime pie, with a delicious cookie crust and a dollop of sour cream, saved the day with its addictive counterbalance of sweet and tart notes.

Hotshot Repulse Bay Hong Kong dessert

Verdict: Very cool vibe and interior, although the food didn’t quite match up, which breaks our hearts, as we really really wanted to love this place. The portions are small relative to the price commanded, and we are still scratching our heads about the juxtaposition between the menu and the decor, as we were expecting more relaxed, laid-back classic American indulgences. Having said this, it is still early days for Hotshot, and the restaurant still has plenty of room to develop and grow.

Hotshot, Ground Floor, Shop 114-115, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2515 1661




  1. Hi Celia, thanks for coming to Hotshot and sharing your thoughts. Hotshot is indeed all about “American surfer cool,” and we’re glad that our decor was able to convey this.

    While our decor is breezy and relaxed, we wanted to move past a typical American diner menu and show off what New American cuisine is. Chef Wes Long, having worked at acclaimed New York New American restaurant Hudson Clearwater, was deemed the perfect ambassador. We agree that the decor is quite casual compared to the menu, but we hope this is a pleasant surprise and not a deterrent. Perhaps you could try and visit us again for dinner? At night, Hotshot is a gorgeous space with dimmed lights and softer music.

    Great to hear that you liked the Montauk, and thank you for your feedback on the Malibu. We’ll discuss the “Christmas-like” flavour with our Head Mixologist and see how we can make it more summery. Thank you as well for your comments on the food. While we believe our portion sizes and prices are on par with other restaurants in the area, we will certainly see how we can improve. We hope to welcome you again to Hotshot very soon.

    • Thanks for the comment! I really love the decor and amazing ambiance, and I’m looking forward to checking out the brunch menu soon. The pancakes look amazing! All the best on the restaurant, I’m sure with a slight tweaking it will be a beachside hot spot :)

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