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NEW Restaurant – Mrs. Pound, My 1st Menu Consultant Job

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong

Hi Everyone!  I’m so excited to share with you my first foray into F&B as a restaurant consultant for Mrs. Pound, an unique concept that is part secret speakeasy, part delicious, down-to-earth diner.  Over the past half a year, I worked with our friends at Mrs. Pound to create a menu that reflects the fun, diverse flavours of Asia – we’ve spent countless hours tweaking the menu in the test kitchen (and gained a few pounds in between), and we hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labour!  Mrs. Pound is currently at its “soft opening” phase, and we’d love your constructive advice.  Some menu items will go through further tweaking, so the photos below are a sample but might not be exactly the same as the final product.  Happy Feasting everyone!  Below, is our experience on Opening Night.  

The story goes, that there once lived a femme fatale named Mrs. Pound, who loved burlesque and all things glamorous.  To escape the limelight from her life as a famed burlesque dancer, she sought refuge with her love, Mr. Ming, who opened a stamp shop as a front to disguise Mrs. Pound’s secret passion – a hidden, very exclusive speakeasy for the most discerning of clients. With the push of a secret button (hidden within the massive showcase of stamps), the classic Chinese shop façade slides aside to expose a psychedelic interior filled with retro memorabilia of a Hong Kong long past, of 60s pin-up girls and classic cocktails.  But it’s not all about the classics – temptations such as the Tom Yum Cooler and Prince Charles’ Affair entice thirsty diners, while breezy cocktails the likes of the Kyoto Deflower, a shaken blend of sake and mango juice, refreshs palates.

(From left to right clockwise) Bloody Mary, Prince Charles’ Affair, Kyoto Deflower

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong drinks

Asian favourites, but with a twist, grace the menu.  Juicy lemongrass “cage” meatballs ($45) share menu space with tongue-numbing double-fried Sichuan peppercorn “ma la” chicken wings ($75) and bulgogi pork belly wrapped in shiso ($38), while beef rendang poutine ($108) and herbed salted egg prawn ($188) give classics a new spin.  We happily tucked into succulent morsels of razor clams mirepoix ($168), alongside heaping spoonfuls of sizzling laksa bibimbap ($148), with that perfect, crispy rice crust.  The Sriracha mayo street corn doused in crumbly pecorino ($58) and noodle-batter deep fried oxtail ($95) appeased our inner gluttons, while Mrs. P’s Chili Crab ($468) was the headliner.  Zipped in a plastic bag and shaken table-side to coat the meaty, sweet crab with plenty of gooey sauce, the chili crab was our favourite of the night.  Oh yes, and there are fried mantou as a side to soak up all that luscious sauce.

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong lemongrass meatballs

Juicy lemongrass “cage” meatballs ($45)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong kale salad

Rainbow kale salad ($108)

(Below, clockwise)  Herbed salted egg prawn ($188), Xinjiang lamb skewers with chive pesto ($40), Sriracha mayo street corn doused in crumbly pecorino ($58), tuna larb ($118).

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong

(Below) Sizzling garlic prawn skewers with plenty of head fat…yum…

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong butter prawn

Garlic king prawn skewers ($85)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong ma la chicken wings

Double-fried Sichuan peppercorn “ma la” chicken wings ($75)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong pork belly shiso

Bulgogi pork belly wrapped in shiso ($38)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong hainan chicken

Hainan chicken rice ($148)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong beef rending poutine

Beef rendang poutine ($108)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong laksa bibimbap

Sizzling laksa bibimbap ($148)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong oxtail

Noodle-batter deep fried oxtail ($95)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong razor clams

Razor clams mirepoix ($168)

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong chili crab

Mrs. P’s Chili Crab ($468)

For a sweet finish, there’s ice cream sandwiches smeared with sinfully good condensed milk ice cream and peanut butter, or a selection of pillowy cakes ranging from Thai Milk Tea to Young Coconut flavours.  I’ll definitely be back for more, since this very secret hangout is dangerously close to my Foodie office.  The beef rendang steamed baos ($45) are on my next target list!

 (Below) Thai milk tea and young coconut flavoured cakes.  The exotic, Thai-inspired desserts are provided by my favourite bakery, Teaspoon.

Mrs. Pound Hong Kong


Verdict:  For once, I am going to leave the judging to all you fine people.  Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Pound

6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan / Hong Kong Island

3426 3949

mrs pound hong kong celia hu



  1. Hey Celia,

    Just went to Mrs Pound for lunch, I didn’t know you are consulted for them! We had a lovely time, the food is great. I couldn’t get enough of the Beff Rendang!

    Credits to you, the restaurateur and the chef! =)


    • Thanks Kelly! I’m so glad you enjoyed the food – we’ve been working on the menu for the past 6 months, still needs some tweaks but it’s always a work in progress :) We’d love to hear your feedbak! And yep, I really love the beef rendang poutine as well, it’s perfect – a good way to keep warm in the winter (or, at least that’s my excuse!) :)

  2. Ive called that phone number you had plenty of times some after 6pm some after 10 and no one ever picks up. You have any alternate contacts? They’re tough to get! JJ

    • Hi – Mrs. Pound does get quite busy and some times the staff may have problems getting to the phone. The restaurant will always reserve some seats for walk-in traffic, so if you can’t reach them by phone, you can always try walking in. There is no reservations for parties under 6. We were there last Friday without a reservation, it was packed but we were able to be seated within 15 minutes. Hope you get to try it soon!

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