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Present from France – Black Diamond plucked from Perigord!

Love is in the air!  Or……actually, what smells like “love” or in other words, the intoxicatingly pungent scent of black winter truffles.

I love love love truffles, and my favourite is the black truffle, with its aromas most vibrant when released with the help of a little heat.  The Mister flew back from France this morning with this delectable little beauty tucked into his carry-on, and I am still swooning!  

There are definitely upsides to having French in-laws – instead of dried abalone and shark fin (yuck!  And cruel!) they give us black gold instead!  This little truffle (actually it’s quite huge by truffle standards) costs a cool 100Euros (that is, if you buy directly from a supplier) and the parents picked up 5 of these beauties from a restauranteur friend.  

These black beauties hail from the Perigord region of France, which supposedly trumps any other truffle producing region for quality and aroma (take that, Italy!).  Now, before I say “mon dieu!” to my intoxicating truffle, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of my amore.  I foresee some great meals in the near future!

I feel like a new parent, cradling my delicious little baby delicately in my hands.  (Btw, this is way better than a baby in my books!) A bit still in awe, as this is the first time I’ll be working with an entire fresh black truffle in my kitchen, but very excited indeed.  

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