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Spotted: Hairy Crabs in CWB

A quiet Sunday apres-dinner stroll through Causeway Bay yielded this interesting encounter with a basket of hairy crabs being folded into reed shackles.  Some of these little crustaceans tried to scurry out of the basket, only to be tossed back into their doomed prison.  All I could think was, how delicious each gooey golden morsel of roe will taste!

Here’s a few interesting facts about hairy crabs:

1) Legend has it that hairy crabs were once considered pests, until some Chinese farmer decided to pour boiling water over them to stop their advance into the crops, and smelled a tantalizing aroma whiffing from them.  Again, the enterprising Chinese people have figured out a way to make good of a bad situation – turning pests into prized delicacies.  If you can’t beat them, eat them!

2) Hairy crabs are extremely hearty survivors, and are one of the top 100 most invasive animals on earth.  They’ve been found in rivers and lakes in North America as well as Europe, and have been known to destroy native habitats and outcompete local crab species.  Mm……so they are more tactful, steals all the food and good habitats /jobs……..doesn’t this sound familiar?  Ouch!  Did I just say something politically incorrect?  

3) Hairy crabs are extreme walkers, and have been spotted hundreds of miles from water sources.  It’s been reported that hairy crabs have been found climbing out of the River Thames and walking to High Street in London, all amidst crowds of annoyed Londoners shouting “DO you MIND?”.  I don’t know about you, but if I were in London, I’d be waiting by the river with a massive net!  

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