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The Food Nomad – Japan Ski Trip at Myoko Kogen

Chinese New Year holidays always means another chance to go snowboarding!  We chose a very local, small ski resort 2 hours train-ride out of Tokyo for this year’s trip.  The place literally has around 5 small hotels, and a few little izakaya eateries, and the most awesome fluffy powder!  Needless to say, with our bellies full of good food, and our spirits rejuvenated from the steaming onzens, we had a fabulous few days of powder on the slopes!  

Arriving in Tokyo and venturing out at 11pm for a hot bowl of ramen at my favourite Tokyo 24-hr ramen shop.  

Come to mommy!  Ramen and cold beer – what an awesome combo!  The soup is smooth and sticky with collagen.


Outside a little grocery store, in the freezing cold, we found some hot onzen eggs nestled in a warm onzen bath.

Beside the onzen egg tub the local farmers prepared some wild vegetable kimichi – spicy, tangy, a perfect companion for the eggs.

Jiminy Cricket!  Our biggest surprise when we found marinated fried crickets in the morning buffet line!  I just want to say that I’m not the one who tried one of them!

Stopping mid-day for lunch at a little basement shop owned by a sweet old couple.  They made us ramen in a hearty thick broth with a congee rice thrown in.  It warmed us up for another afternoon on the slopes.

Apple tempuras – it’s good for you…..right?

The perfect way to end a long day of riding the powder – beer, great food, great friends in a cosy little izakaya.

Tuna tartar and avocado pate, swimming in a yuzu soy concoction.

A crowd pleaser – baked potatoes with cheese and mentaiko

Wagyu beef fried rice – enough said! 

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