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The Food Nomad premiers in Foodie Magazine

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!  We’re so excited to be back in Hong Kong and starting 2013 with lots of exciting plans and events!!!!!!!!  For the better half of December 2012, we’ve been embarking on plenty of adventures and R&R in Maui, Oahu and Japan, and I’ve been working on some very interesting travel / food articles as well as restaurant recommendations for these destinations – soon to be featured in upcoming issues of The Food Nomad. 

Which brings me to my big foodie announcement – I have started writing a travel / food column each month for Foodie Magazine, called The Food Nomad, and each article will be based on a fabulous destination I’ve recently visited.  And of course, good food is featured heavily in all my travels!

The first issue is out already so, if you are in Hong Kong, please grab a copy at any yummy supporting foodie outlet, or you can access the online copies at  I’ve attached this January’s feature on our recent Bali travels below!  Happy New Year and Bon Appetit!

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