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The Food Nomad – revisits the city of refined taste, Tokyo

Every year, I look forward to our foodie trip to Tokyo, where we spend a decadent few days tasting and savouring all the delectables this fine city has to offer.  I give myself card blanche to eat anything I want when in Tokyo, as long as I run around the Imperial Palace in the mornings.  

As mentioned in my previous food posts, we visit at least one Michelin 3 starred establishment on every trip.  This year, we indulged ourselves with Kojyu, Seryna, Jiro, and Teki, although we always revisit familiar and humbler establishments, such as Choco Cro and Ichi-ran, which have become a must for every trip.

Although the glory boom years of Japan have past, and the sun is, indeed, not rising anytime soon over the Japanese economy, we still find this city irresistibly endearing.  Below, are some pictures from our journey, this time, back to this impeccable capital.  

Our suite at the Peninsula – home away from home when in Tokyo.  We stay at this hotel every time because of its unbeatable location at the gate of the Imperial Palace and for its proximity to many fine restaurants.  Plus, the meticulous service and attention to detail are impeccable at the Peninsula, and make a stay there utterly luxurious.

I love the marble bathroom at the Peninsula!

Checking out the neighourhood – at Ginza.

Would you risk death to try this lethal delicacy?  A tank full of Fugu found in Ginza.

A little rickety ramen shop tucked into a quiet back alley.

Well-aged whiskey and a Cuban at Peter, on top of the Peninsula – this always reminds me of Lost in Translation.  

Choco Cro!  This is my all time FAVOURITE croissant shop – it’s a chain with many locations around Tokyo.  Each little croissant is wrapped around either a bar of chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, or which ever flavour is on promotion.  The outside is wonderfully crunchy with a flaky buttery inside, and the pairing with gooey warm chocolate is just heavenly.  I’ve tried several flavours (strawberry, hazelnut chocolate, chocolate, banana, pudding, Andes mountain mochi) and can usually eat around 2-3 of these babies at one go, although this time around Choco Cro only offered their classic chocolate croissant and a curious “Andes Mountain” special of chocolate, red bean, and mochi filling.  

Bustling Shibuya

The Japanese are masters of presentation – (below), bunny wrappings for individual buttery cookies.

At the food emporium in Shibuya’s Hikarie Mall.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I also love the food gallery at Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza, their spread is mind-bogglingly beautiful and delicious.  

Behind me, is someone making a cookie inside a cookie – kind of like “Inception”, but cookie style.  A giant macaroon is placed inside a gooey macha cookie.

At the Peninsula bakery kitchen with their signature little bear (made of white chocolate).  I love how he is holding a frying pan with ham and eggs!

So calm and peaceful.


Giant sake containers at Meiji Park.

Can anyone tell me what these are?  Found them lounging around in Meiji Park.

Such a cute little girl, I think she felt really pretty in her kimono. 

Getting ready for my Ichi-ran fix!  This little chain ramen shop is everywhere in Tokyo, and is a MUST visit.  You order your ramen and condiments through a vending machine, then wait until a sign showing vacancies lights up.  Each person is allocated a booth (like a ballet box) so they can enjoy their blissful ramen experience in concentrated solitude. 

Starting my Ichi-ran experience with a frosty mug of beer and a soft boiled egg with a gooey golden heart.

Come to mama!  My favourite ramen!!!!!!!!  The soup is full of collagen from the pork bones and lip-smacking good.  There is a selection sheet before you make your order, on the intensity of flavour and noodle texture.  I always get full flavour, a whole clove of garlic, and medium textured noodles.

To be continued, until next time! 

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