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October’s Issue of The Food Nomad is published! This month, I fall in love all over again with PARIS!!!!!!!!

Having recently returned from Paris, I’m happy to unveil this month’s Food Nomad as (surprise!) devoted entirely to the City of Light!  Despite the often aloof French attitude, and the endless jokes at the cost of the French, I remain firmly under the intoxicating spell of Paris.  There is that certain je ne sais quoi about Paris, and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with its beauty.   I look forward to the next time I stroll along the gentle River Seine, rip into an irresistibly buttery croissant, or swirl around a fragrant glass of wine while watching the world go by from my prime seat at a little street-side bistro.

Foodie Magazine has adorably also attached a photo of our recent wedding to this month’s issue :)







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