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Sneak Peek into Our Wedding

Hi Everyone,

This is what I’ve been busying myself with these days (aside from gathering interesting tidbits for upcoming posts!).  We will be having 2 international wedding ceremonies, and i’ve been working with our wedding planner and decorators in Vancouver to conceptualize a “South of France” inspired luxurious yet rustic garden wedding.  Here are some of our sample settings, although the actual arrangements will look much more extravagant than these samples.  Blush-toned garden roses with huge white fluffy balls of hydrangeas, accented with antique gold.  And of course, we have to have a classic French wedding cake made out of a tower of light, delicate profiteroles!

Stay tuned for more updates on our wedding planning – including tastings!


wedding3 wedding2 wedding wedding1


French wedding cake

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  1. Looks like they followed through with the profiterole tower in France!

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