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The Girl behind the Cooking

Me happily making hometown dumplings in my beautiful kitchen :)

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My love affair with food began at an early age, when my hearty appetite as an infant forced my parents to search the ration-ticketed Beijing of the early 80’s for black market milk when I exceeded the daily 3 bottle government allowance.  When we moved to North America, my appetite quickly expanded to encompass the bountiful fast food continent, where, as a 2nd grader, I could polish off 8 pieces of KFC in one sitting.  Today, I am a more sophisticated glutton, having travelled and lived in many regions with contrasting and tantalizing local food cultures.  I now reside in Hong Kong with my biggest culinary fan, who encouragingly gobbles up all my culinary exploits with great delight.  I hope my cooking escapades can inspire you to also whip up a little something.

I literally “eat” for a living, and love every day of my job as Editor-at-Large of Foodie Magazine.  I’ve also recently started doing television appearances, and have worked on programs for The Asian Food Channel and the Discovery Channel.

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Happy Cooking!

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!