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Afterthoughts – Scrumptious 粢饭 (Sticky Rice Rolls) in Causeway Bay

Today I was running errands in Causeway Bay and just had to indulge in my little guilty pleasure of 粢饭.  There is nothing glamourous or healthy about 粢饭, which is basically a fried Chinese dough stick (the kind eaten for breakfast with soy milk) rolled into a sticky rice log along with pork floss and diced preserved vegetables.  It’s a meal that can be eaten on the go, and the combination of crisp fried dough, sweet yet also savoury pork floss, crunchy preserved vegetables and comforting warm rice really hits the mark.  The portable snack / meal originates from Shanghai, and has always been one of my simple pleasures.  

My favourite shop to get this is the one pictured below, on Jardine’s Bazaar (or 渣甸街) right beside Forever 21.  The best time to go is between 10-12noon when these rice packets are freshly made.  Usually you will see at least two gruff, grumpy ladies making these, so insist on buying the one they’ve just made.  This way, the fried dough center will still be crispy and fluffy.  Each bundle will only set you back HK$14, so it’s a super cheap treat!

Remember, most authentic local foods in Asia are found in little ghetto shops like these, so don’t be intimidated to try them!

(Below – the 粢饭 making station with buckets of pork floss and preserved vegetables)

The ladies at work making the 粢饭.  Remember, insist on buying only the freshly made ones, and stand your ground even if they start screaming Cantonese at you – don’t be intimidated!

Yummm…….I love biting into one of these bundles.

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