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Weekend Fun at the new Island East Farmers’ Market

When I think about the Summer / Autumn season, the first thing that comes into mind is (*gasp*) not fashion trends, but farmers’ markets.  I love visiting farmer’s markets in North America and Europe, because it’s where numerous small family-owned growers and boutique speciality food producers converge.  These producers are passionate about their produce and proud to stand behind them, and I love to show my support and gratitude.

Hence, when I heard about the new Island East market, I just had to visit and see for myself.  I often feel depressed walking through Hong Kong’s supermarket food aisles, because the produce all look so sad and withered.  I want to go to a marketplace where people are excited about food, and put in great efforts to achieve beautiful produce.  I was pleasantly surprised by the Island East market, it still has a ways to go from the vibrant markets of Europe and North America, but it is certainly a good step in the right direction.  

The Island East Market is only for another 2 Sundays, so better hurry to check it out!  It’s located next to the newly opened News Room, amongst other little restaurants with al fresco seating.

Fresh bread at the Classified booth with happy, friendly staff.  One of them spoke excellent French, which the Boy’s mom was very please about.

Pretty cheese fridge – I love the little heart shaped cheese at the bottom row

Organic wine – reminded me of all the little boutique organic vineyards we visited in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Sour Times – a cute, innovative home-grown yogurt company.

More wine!!

Vibrant roselle fruit – a species of hibiscus, great for tea and preserves.  

Giant aloe vera found at the Homegrown Foods booth

Great music duo entertaining the crowds.

La Obamas black garlic – we loved the sweet pate-like garlic so much we bought 2 jars!

Be sure to check out Island East Market in TaiKoo, on Tong Chong Street, before they close at the end of this month!  They are open for 2 more Sundays!

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